International immersive Works Competition
The Bridge
Ukraine, Denmark, 2017, 9 min, animation, experimental
No Dialogue
Swiss Premiere

Description | Il ne reste que quelques places ! Complet ! Free entry
A bridge in the fog. Silhouettes running at our side. Are we fleeing? Are we heading towards history? The personal answer takes us 40,000 kilometers in a few minutes. Enhanced by Shalenny’s animation, a race against time, against mankind and against oneself. 
This work is part of the VR Museum 

This work is also part of the SENSible program. 

Presentation by the creator Nikita Shalenny on Thursday 8th of November at 14:30 at the GDM venue (Pitoëff 2)
Khora Contemporary, Khora VR, Khora Contemporary
Nikita Shalenny
Nadja Odesiuk