International Features Jury

Souleymane Cissé (President of the Jury) – Filmmaker (ML)
Konstantin Bojanov – Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Visual Artist (BU)
Manal Issa – Actress (LE/FR)
Ron Mann – Documentary Filmmaker (CA)
Elena Okopnaya – Production and Costume Designer (RU)

International TV Series Jury

Benjamin Dupas (President of the Jury) – Screenwriter (FR)
Sébastien Chassagne – Actor (FR)
Fernando Ganzo – Editor-in-chief (ES)
Marina Golovine – Actress (CH/FR)
Frédéric Mermoud – Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Producer (CH)

International Immersive Jury

Loren Hammonds (President of the Jury) – Features & Immersive Content Programmer at Tribeca Festival (US)
Myriam Achard – New Media Programmer (CA)
Anita Hugi – Author, Filmmaker, Documentary Producer and Festival Programmer (CH)
Maurício Kinoshita – Documentary Filmmaker and Festival Programmer (BR)
Uri Kranot – Animation Filmmaker (DA)

Internationale Music Videos Jury

Pierre Collart – Member of the Collectif nocturne (CH)
Léo Marti – Member of the Collectif nocturne (CH)
Aline Robert – Member of the Collectif nocturne (CH)

SENSible Council

Michel Reilhac (President of the Council) – VR Filmmaker, Producer and Programmer (FR)
Mónica Bello – Curator and Art Historian (ES)
Stéphane Benoit-Godet – Editor-in-chief (CH)
Guy Daleiden – Film and New Media Production Manager (LU)
Axelle Tessandier – Entrepreneur (FR)

Film & Beyond : Peter Greenaway (Filmmaker, Visual Artist, Film & Beyond Award Winner) for The Draughtsman’s Contract, A Zed and Two Noughts, Eisenstein’s Mexican Ghosts and The Greenaway Alphabet

Geneva Digital Market, click here

International Features Competition

Tiago Melo (Filmmaker) for Azougue Nazaré
Khavn De La Cruz (Filmmaker) for Bamboo Dogs
Sébastien Marnier (Filmmaker) for School’s Out
Rolf Van Eijk (Filmmaker) and Steve Wall (Actor) for My Foolish Heart
Dan Wechsler (Producer) and Jamal Zeinal Zade (Producer) for Rojo
Måns Månsson (Filmmaker), Léonore Ekstrand (Actress) and Sigrid Helleday (Producer) for The Real Estate
Rene Eller (Filmmaker) for We
A.B. Shawky (Filmmaker) and Dina Emam (Producer) for Yomeddine

Highlight Screenings  

Elena Okopnaya (Production and Costume Designer), Maria Anipchenko (Producer), Andrey Seveliev (Producer) and Artem Vassiliev (Producer) for Dovlatov
Eva Husson (Filmmaker) for Girls of the Sun
Yann Gonzalez (Filmmaker), Kate Moran (Actress), Nicolas Maury (Actor), Consuelo Frauenfelder (Producer), Stefan Lauper (Producer), Tarik Garidi (Producer) and Jamal Zeinal Zade (Producer) for Knife + Heart
Dan Wechsler (Producer) and Jamal Zeinal Zade (Producer) for Our Time

Rien que pour vos yeux 

Khavn De La Cruz (Filmmaker) for Balangiga: Howling Wilderness
Jacob Berger (Filmmaker) and Lola Creton (Actress) for Dévoilées
Julie Bertuccelli (Filmmaker) for Claire Darling
Andréa Bescond (Co-filmmaker) and Éric Métayer (Co-filmmaker) for Little Tickles
Francine Lusser (Producer) for The Witness

Cinéastes, de notre temps: The Unreleased

Danielle Anezin (Filmmaker, Editor) Bastien Ehouzan (Producer) and Alexandre Perrier (Producer) for My Name Is Elia Kazan
Danielle Anezin (Filmmaker, Editor) Bastien Ehouzan (Producer), Alexandre Perrier (Producer) and Nicolas Ripoche (Editor) for Amalric, l’art et la matière 

Bande originale

Ron Mann (Filmmaker) for Carmine Street Guitars

New Swiss Talents

Pauline Jeanbourquin (Filmmaker) for Dusk
Julien Nicaud (Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Producer) and Alain Berset (Screenwriter and Producer) for Jasper
Wendy Pillonel (Filmmaker) for Black Hours
Lucien Monot (Filmmaker) for The True Tales
Alberto Martín Menacho (Filmmaker) for My Beloved, the Mountains
Jenna Hasse (Filmmaker) for Soltar
Ellie Grappe (Filmmaker) for Suspendu

International TV Series Competition

Stephen Frears (Filmmaker, Producer) and John Preston (Co-screenwriter) for A Very English Scandal
Yehonatan Indursky (Co-creator) for Autonomies
Kenneth Lonergan (Creator) for Howards End
Niccolò Ammaniti (Creator, Co-filmmaker and Co-screenwriter) and Lorenza Indovina (Actress) for The Miracle
Julian Stevens (Producer) for Informer
Asger Leth (Creator and Screenwriter) for Liberty
Jung I-do (Co-creator) for Save Me
Keren Margalit (Creator, Screenwriter and Filmmaker) for Sleeping Bears
Marianne Körver (Co-filmmaker) and Paul Aguraiuja (Producer) for The Bank
Nina Grosse (Screenwriter and Co-filmmaker) for The Typist

TV Series Out of Competition

Joy Nash (Actress) for Dietland
Bruno Deville (Filmmaker), Léo Maillard (Co-screenwriter), Marina Golovine (Actress), Anna Pieri (Actress), Yoann Blanc (Actor), Hugo Braillard (Actor) and Adèle Bochatay (Actress) for Double vie

International Music Videos Competition

Jean-Daniel Schneider (Co-filmmaker) for Contre toi (Régis x ChâteauGhetto)
Sebastian Vargas (Filmmaker) and Marie Mayoly (Producer) for Soft As Ice (All XS)
Michel Blanc (Musician) for M/W (Bombers)

International Immersive Works Competition

Lee Sngmoo (Creator) for Eyes in the Red Wind
Stella Jacob (Distributor) for Kobold VR Experience
Charles Ayats (Co-creator) and Manon Paret (Co-creator) for The Scream
Mark Grimmer (Screenwriter) for Nothing to Be Written
Jakob Kudsk Steensen (Creator) for RE-ANIMATED
Nikita Shalenny (Creator) for The Bridge
Karim Ben Khelifa (Creator), Hélène Adamo (Project Manager) and Chloé Jarry (Producer) for The Enemy
Cyril Tsiboulski (Creator) for Queerskins: A Love Story
Landia Egal (Creator) for Umami
Antoine Cayrol (Producer) for Vestige

Digital Out of Competition

Alexia Chandon-Piazza (Co-founder), Julien Dubuc (Co-founder), Grégoire Durrande (Co-founder), David Udovtsch (Stage Manager), Sumaya Al-Attia (Performer), Maxime Mikolajczak (Performer) and Emilie Briglia (Distributor) for 24/7
Chloé Jarry (Producer) for Condemned to Play
Anita Hugi (Co-creator), David Dufresne (Co-creator), Anja Kofmel (Co-creator) and Marcel Vaid (Composer) for Hanna la Rouge
Martin Charrière (Creator) for Unframed: Hodler and Unframed: Intimacies, Felix Vallotton
Fabian Troxler (Co-creator) and Max Rheiner (Co-creator) for Jurassic Flight
Uri Kranot (Creator) for Songbird
Richard Ramchurn (Creator) and Rachel Ramchurn (Producer) for The MOMENT
Li Alin (Creator) and Nadine Bors (Distributor) for V.DREAM
Erik Studer (Co-creator) and João Rodrigues (Co-creator) for VRTIGO

International Web Series Competition
Mehdi Atmani (Co-creator), Alexandre Bugnon (Co-creator), Karim Merzoug (Co-creator), Delphine Schnydrig (Editor) for Undercover Switzerland

Jury: Audience Award

Nuits blanches

Androo for Jazz to Disco (Opening Party – 2 nov.)
Cache et Cache for Jazz to Disco (Opening Party – 2 nov.)
Paradise Paradise for Jazz to Disco (Opening Party – 2 nov.)
Adrien Fall for Disco to Techno (3 nov.)
Jimmy Salmon for Disco to Techno (3 nov.)
NVST for Disco to Techno (3 nov.)
Hook for Hip-Hop (8 nov.)
Idle for Hip-Hop (8 nov.)
Lucc for Hip-Hop (8 nov.)
Di Chin for Bass to Club (9 nov.)
Malki for Bass to Club (9 nov.)
Septentrio for Bass to Club (9 nov.)
Swimallnight for Bass to Club (9 nov.)
Aloko & Ares for Tropical to Afro House (Closing Party 10 nov.)
DJ Onyxa for Tropical to Afro House (Closing Party 10 nov.)
Les Babtous International for Tropical to Afro House (Closing Party 10 nov.)
Pierre Collart, Léo Marti and Aline Robert – members of the Collectif nocturne