International immersive Works Competition
The Scream
Le Cri
France, 2018, 15 min, animation
French, English
World Premiere

Description | Il ne reste que quelques places ! Complet ! Free entry
We all know The Scream, the obsessive and prophetic painting by Munch that remains one of the most iconic pictures of the 20thcentury. Here, the museum’s walls fall away under our eyes to let us immerse ourselves in Munch’s psyche and tell us about the genesis of his work.
With the support of Centre National du Cinéma et l'image animée (CNC). 
This work is part of the VR Museum

This work is also part of the SENSible program. 

Presentation by the creator Charles Ayats and the producer Manon Paret on Thursday 8th of November at 14:30 at the GDM venue (Pitoëff 2)
Sandra Paugam, Charles Ayats
David Bigiaoui, Cinétévé, ARTE France, Cinétévé
Sandra Paugam, Charles Ayats
Arte France
Franck Weber